Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kicking my own a$$ :-)

Last week I decided it was finally time to get my butt back to the gym.  I've belonged to a gym for years but have not used it regularly for about a year.  I signed up for a free group session with the trainer at the gym so he can help me design a program specific to my needs.  My plan for the gym will consist of 7 minutes of warming up with cardio, weight training (upper body/lower body) & abs, then 30-45 minutes of cardio.  Looks like I will be spending close to 2 hours in the gym at a time!  I then met with the trainer so he could show me each of the machines (seat/bar positions & weight used).  This definitely is doable as long as I put my mind too it.  I have gone a few times this week and worked out on my own with no problems.  I want to keep up this motivation for as long as possible so I have decided that I am going to start working out 1 on 1 with the trainer a few days a week.  I want to get the maximum results possible from this band/working out while also hopefully keeping away any excess skin problems.  I'm almost positive this trainer is going to kick my ass but that's why I'll be paying him, right?!

This weekend Peter and I decided to finally try a restaurant.  We have not been out to eat together since before surgery (6/8).  I picked Ruby Tuesdays because even if there was nothing on the menu I could eat at least they have the salad bar.  I have been eating salad with a protein almost everyday since starting on solid foods again so decided to read over the menu and find something I could eat.  I picked out a grilled salmon/shrimp (sauce on the side) meal with roasted spaghetti squash & sliced tomatoes on the side.  As soon as the food came I asked for a take-home container and put half of the food on the plate in the box.  There was 3 shrimp on top of the salmon and I put away 1 1/2 shrimps, so literally half of everything :-)  I ate all the protein first like I am supposed too then moved onto the spaghetti squash,  could not eat the tomatoes because I was seriously full!! Never in my life have I gone to a restaurant and not been able to finish off my whole plate, let alone only half of it!  Was great being able to take home that second half and have an entire dinner for the next night.  I could definitely get used to this :-)

Had an appointment with the nurse practitioner (NP) at the bariatric office yesterday for my 7 week check.  I am down a total of 26 lbs from surgery on 6/8/11.  Today was the day that I was possibly getting a fill.  A fill is when the NP finds my port (located under my skin near my belly button) and will add saline into the port making the band tighter if I feel like I need more restriction.  On the same note if I ever feel like I am too tight and have too much restriction the NP will then take saline out of the band.  If I was snacking between meals, grazing during the day, or not staying full for close to 4 hours they generally recommend getting a fill.  As of right now I am doing well.  I have 2 protein shakes a day as meals, snack of either non-fat Greek yogurt or 3 oz cottage cheese, and my 1 meal of 3 oz lean protein with 6 oz vegetable.  This feeling can change at any time but right now I am loving every minute of this full feeling on such little food!

 New shirt (2 sizes smaller!) newly hemmed pants, & heels, which I can now wear all day!!  Amazing how different I feel just losing the 26 lbs...looking forward to many more amazing days!


  1. Dana, it is really hard to believe it's been 7 weeks already! You are doing so well and it shows everyday in your smile. I am so so happy for you. :)