Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Living in the moment & loving every minute!

Life with the band is much easier than I thought it would be.  Sure those first few weeks were pretty rough but I got through it and have been just coasting along with no major problems.  I have been doing fantastic with following the strict program laid out by my surgeon & dietician and it shows in my weight loss.  Last week I had another follow up at the bariatric office and between 7/25 to 8/10 I was down another 8 lbs!!  That put my weight loss at 34.5 lbs and I am down another 2-4 lbs since then. 

Going out to eat is getting easier and easier.  Making smart choices is now becoming my norm, rather then ordering all the things I used to love.  Its funny how other people will sometimes feel bad about eating something in front of my, but all I tell them is "I choose to get Banded, you didn't.  Please go ahead and enjoy your self, I'm ok ".  I am so happy with my progress so far and have no intentions of messing this up just because I can't control myself.  The smaller sizes I am wearing are confirmation enough that I don't need to eat how I used too.

Last month I had found a pair of nice grey pants that I didn't even know I had and I had them hemmed to fit my height.  The pants fit great for a few weeks then all of a sudden last week they are now too long and baggy.  My hips and legs are getting smaller so these pants are now too big!  Went shopping this past week for a new pair of nice black pants for work.  When I started this journey I was wearing a pant size of 24, well the pants I just got this week are an 18! I can't even remember when the last time was that I was this size :-)  When I got home from work today I went through my entire closet and drawers and cleaned out EVERYTHING that was too big.  I literally got rid of half my clothes!  I still have more then enough clothes to last me a little while and will only need to buy a few essentials along the way.

As most of you know I am an Audiologist and work in a physicians office.  I am supposed to wear a lab coat at work but stopped a few years ago because it got too tight.  Tight like I couldn't really move my arms and there was no way in hell that thing was buttoning LOL.  Last month I tried on the lab coat and it was still too small.  Today I was freezing at work and decided even if this coat was tight it would be better then nothing so I put it on.  Without even realizing it I went to close the front of the coat and then noticed that I was able to pull one side right over the other!  I was able to button the whole lab coat and had some room to spare.  That's a huge reinforcement that what I am doing is absolutely working.

Last month I had started going to the gym and seemed to be super excited about it.  Somehow I lost the motivation already but luckily that hasn't slowed my weight loss.  I know I need to get back into it and will as soon as I get back from my girls weekend away in NC.  All in all I think I am doing pretty well and have not ever regretted getting this surgery!!

 Picture of me wearing a new cute little dress !


  1. Keep up the great work Dana!! I am sooo proud of you. Don't lose that enthusiasm!! It's Great!!
    Jenni Lynn

  2. Wow Dana! You look great, so happy for you, keep it up!