Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pre-op start to finish :-)

I began this journey back in February 2011 by attending a free seminar at the local bariatric physicians office.  They squeezed me in the next day (my birthday) for an appointment to start the whole process.  I figured what better way to spend my birthday then investing in my future birthdays.  My insurance required a 3 month waiting period and the Dr's office required several internal appointments plus some outside appointments.

My final visit was scheduled for 5/20/11 at the bariatrics office.  I made sure prior to this appointment that everything they needed was in so nothing would hold up the decision to be approved for surgery.  I received a call from the office less that 24 hours later stating insurance had approved the surgery and I was all set for June 8, 2011!!

My surgery was yesterday.  Went into the hospital at 7:45 AM, surgery was around 9 AM, out of recovery and in my room by 11 AM, and home by 4:15 PM.  When I woke up from surgery there was a little pain which they gave me something for and when I got up to my room I started feeling very nausea which they gave me something else for that.  Did a lot of napping at the hospital and even more when I got home.  The napping was great and definitely needed until it turned into the middle of the night and I was still wide awake!!

Slept on the couch last night so I could be propped up a little better and was stuck in the position of laying on my back.  I tried laying on my side but it was too uncomfortable and stomach sleeping was out of the question.  Woke up with only slight discomfort in my abdominal area that the liquid Tylenol is taking care of. 

Yesterday afternoon and for the next two days I'm only drinking 1 oz of Crytal Lite flavored water every 20 mins, by Saturday into Monday I can graduate to a 3 oz Dixie cup every 30 mins.  I go back in to see my surgeon on Monday afternoon where he will check my incisions and show me how I now supposed to drink the protein shakes. 

So far the side effects of the surgery are much better than I expected! Very happy with my decision to go for the Lapband to help assist in my weight loss journey.  I plan on keeping you all updated on my progress.

Thank you all for your words of encouragement!!

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  1. Willy and I wish you nothing but the best on this journey Dana! So excited for you and glad the post-op is going well! <3 Amy and Will