Thursday, November 1, 2012

Getting back on track

My last entry here was at my 1 year Banderversary, 5 months ago.  These last few months have been filled with some amazing times.  Biggest thing that happened is that my fiancé and I got married!!!

At some point over the summer I had gotten a fill and shortly after realized it was too much.  I was getting stuck all the time and getting pretty frustrated.  I had some fluid (0.25 cc) taken out of the band and immediately began to feel better and was able to eat normal (as normal as a lapband patient can eat).  As the summer flew by I started feeling like I could use another fill but chose to hold off until after the wedding.  I started noticing some of my portions were getting a little larger and stopped weighing out my salads.  Peter and I decided that on our wedding day we would eat what we wanted without going overboard.  We both ate a few appetizers that were not low-carb and even splurged and had a few bites of our wedding cake.   
We did not want to look back on the day and regret not doing something. 

Right after the wedding we left for our honeymoon in Disney World!!  One of the reasons we chose there is because we knew that we be eating some things that were not on our low-carb lapband food plan and that we would be doing a TON of walking.  We enjoyed our selves while at Disney, deciding this was our one and only honeymoon and made sure we did a lot of walking.  Our off-plan eating had an expiration date of the last day of the honeymoon and we knew we were returning to our low-carb lifestyle once back in NY. 

I have to say we have been back for 3 weeks now and it is not as easy this time around to get off the carbs!!  While I am doing it, it almost seems like a struggle.  This time around (as opposed to right after surgery) I’m finding it a little more difficult to quit the carbs.  I can hear those donuts in the kitchen calling my name where before I never even registered they were in the house.  I had a fill this morning which forces me to go back to shakes only for the next few days, a solid three days is what I need to get all carbs out of my system.  I 100% believe that keeping the carbs out is what contributed mostly to this weight loss, plus the smaller portions.  Hoping this fill is what I need to get my butt back in gear. 

Here is a pic from the morning of surgery 6/8/11 and my wedding day 10/5/12!  Never in a million years could I have pulled off that dress pre-surgery :-) 

 Here is a pic of my husband and I pre-surgery Christmas 2010 and one from our wedding day 10/5/12.

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  1. Hey Dana, I'm Alex and I'm two weeks away from my surgery. It's so cool to see all your photos and read about your experiences and you have deffinately helped me feel even better about my decision. If you're interested i just started my own blog at I'd love it if you checked it out sometime. Congratulations on your success!